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Insecure made me insecure about my insecurities

About the fact that I'm an Issa perpetrating as a Molly

Wishing I was Kelly

Wanting to know where I belong

Being awkward about most things

Faking the confidence

And planning out fake scenarios in my head I will never grow

the balls to go through with

Insecure made me feel like my flaws are normal

Like I can exist in a hurricane

And I'm not the only one freaking out and planning a nap

Like it's okay to be unsure

And Talk to yourself in the mirror


Insecure makes me feel seen and heard and understood

When I was just getting used to my invisibility

Because of my inability to play strong or aggressive or confident 24/7

Because some men are trash, and some ain't for me, and some... just no respectfully


Issa Rae, Issa Dee, Molly and Yvonne Orji

Thank you! For being the representation I didn't know was missing


Insecure made me insecure about my insecurities

Then assured me I wasn't the only one

And in the end promised it would be okay

Ⓒ Chani Louise 2022 All Rights Reserved


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