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Do you know how hard it is to build a house without a foundation?

Picture it! Where do you even begin? Do you just place the cement right there on the ground? On the dirt? Where’s the framework? Where are the plans? The blueprint? Who’s in charge of this whole operation?


Imagine having a foundation…but it’s not fully set before they begin to build the rest of the house. What do you think will happen?


In the distance…from very far away…you see what looks to be the shadow of a small child…you hear the faint sound of a little voice as she cries out: “wait! I think you forgot something”.


No one stops to see that she’s right! They don’t ask her to come closer to show them what they may have missed. They just continue to build.


The more they build, the closer she gets and the louder her voice becomes! She tries to warn them that they missed some things! That even if they continue to build with all of the things they’ve brought, they have so much more to add. They don’t listen.


Now she’s right at the front door! They’ve all left. Not caring how the finished project has turned out. To make matters worse…they’ve left the front door unlocked! Anyone can walk in.


And she does! She goes inside. She sees that everything is hollowed out. The framework is all wrong. There’s nothing in place to shield from the potential storms outside.


There are no locks on the windows. There are no handles on the other doors. There’s no alarm system to alert for potential intruders. There’s a staircase but no floors in place, so no matter how far up the stairs you go, there’s no sure footing. Unless you go back the exact way you came, any other step will have you falling and landing in an unfavorable position.


She looks around and sees that she’s the only one left. There are no blueprints. Not even a sketch. She’s never seen a house built from the ground up but she knows it has to be better than what’s already there.


She’ll have to start with the foundation. But first…she’ll have to demolish what’s there!

Ⓒ Lola Crosby All Rights Reserved

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