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Take a moment to put your goals to pen and paper.

Why wait for later?

Work hard with discipline, clarity, and focus.

There’s only you-no us.

There’s only you to strive for.

So work hard, because you deserve more

With every hurdle, you easily figure out,

You leave them confused and with doubt.

Always rise from the fire like you were formed from it.

Don’t stop the momentum, you’re almost at the summit

Focused on your time.

Focused on money.

It’s not a game, honey.

Power in your speech.

Power in your tone.

All the poise you preach

And all these wins your own.

It’s not about leaving someone behind,

But who wants to be the blind leading the blind?

You were never made to just follow and never to ask,

How you feel or to have your dreams dashed.

You make the life you want.

It’s not always about the flaunt.

When the tension is taunt, your enemies get caught.

Caught in their lies and deceit. They take pleasure in your defeat

Find the intention And Pay attention

Ⓒ Mya Mercer 2022 All Rights Reserved


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Intention Chapter from Finere

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