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I’m not that girl anymore

The one who spent

summers barefoot

on the dirt roads of South Carolina

Feet stinging from the Southern heat

Hearts on fire, laughing at our shadows Shadows,

as huge as our dreams

I’m not that girl anymore

The one whose hair would come undone

from hours of play and jumping rope

Whose legs never tired of running
and searching for those hidden in the dark green areas

of my grandmother’s backyard, hide and seek

I’m not the girl

who laughed until she couldn’t breathe

Who allowed red popsicles to drip onto white clothing

and still feel pretty in her crimson stains

I’m not that girl anymore

The one whose soul was tickled by the angels

The one who pretended to be Diana Ross with the cousin chorus

of The Supremes dancing in the background

We would run singing to the mall

We would run to everywhere and nowhere

I’m not that girl anymore

Whose cheekbones carried the heritage of her Caribbean roots

The one who turned heads left and right

She is tired, way too smart for frivolous dreaming

Way too wise for fantasies and wishes upon stars

She remembers too much

Knows too much

Seen too much

She’s been too touched

And not always by the hands of love

I’m sorry that I’m not that girl anymore

Or maybe... I am

Ⓒ Reign 2022 All Rights Reserved


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